Visa for language learning purposes

If you want to apply for a language course visa, you have to comply with the regulations listed below.
Visas are granted by the German foreign missions (embassies and consulates general) in your home country.
We urgently advise you to check the correctness of the following information with the appropriate German foreign mission in your home country. As there may be different regulations for individual countries, bibis cannot guarantee the correctness of the information provided.

When applying for a visa, you have to submit:

  • A valid passport,
  • two application forms duly filled in German,
  • three recent passport size photos,
  • confirmation by a German language school that you have registered for a language course with at least 20 lessons per week (bibis letter of confirmation)
  • financial guarantee from your parents or another person that they will provide funding for the entire period of your stay in Germany, (Verpflichtungserklärung ['sponsorship' letter]),
  • proof of health insurance cover for the period of your language course(s) in Germany,
  • proof of sufficiently sized accommodation

You have to show that you have sufficient financial means in excession of the course fees to fund the entire period of your stay in Germany. You may be required to submit appropriate proof.

All those personal documents have to be complete when applying for a visa.

We urgently advise you to apply for a visa in good time, as it might take up to three months before it is issued.

The visa is granted for an initial period of three months. It can be extended by another nine months.

The maximum validity of a visa for language learning at bibis is one year.

Please note: A tourist visa cannot be converted into a visa or residence permit for language learning purposes.


Studying in Germany

If you want continue your education after your language course with a degree course at a German university, it is possible to do so, but only if you can submit a letter of admission from an institute of higher education or preparatory college (Studienkolleg) within the year of your language course(s). If you fail to do so, the visa will, as a rule, not be extended. Please take all the originals and a certified translation of your school and - if applicable – academic certificates with you to avoid any delay in your university application.

Throughout your language course(s) at bibis, we provide individual counselling and assistance concerning your application for a study place.


Further information

If you need accommodation for the length of your language course(s), please contact us as early as possible. We have a limited number of rooms in a student residence.

bibis can arrange insurance cover for students of the bibis German language courses. It is a combined policy, consisting of health insurance, personal liability insurance, and accident insurance.