AGB [General Terms and Conditions of Trade]

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Conditions of course admission

A bibis course is defined as a set of lessons, the number of which as well as the dates and fees are specified in the respective current bibis programme brochures and information material.

One lesson lasts 45 minutes.

There are no lessons on public holidays.

If the minimum number of 10 enrolments for a course is not met, the class may be cancelled. In this case the fees will be refunded.



Enroling in a bibis course is possible at any time. It has to be done in written form: by sending us a downloadable registration form by letter, fax, email, by completing the online form, or directly in our office.

Please note: For the enrolment conditions of the International Summer Courses please consult International Summer Courses

Registration can be done either in person or by proxy. In the latter case the same terms and conditions apply as if the future participant registered in person.


Payment of Course Fees

The course fees have to be paid on registration.

There are special conditions for intensive courses:

The fees of all booked intensive courses have to be paid in advance on registration, at least two weeks before your course starts. If you pay for several classes in advance, you will get a discount for the second and consecutive classes. Alternatively, you can book and pay each follow-up course individually. In this case the full fee has to be paid before the start of the new class.

If you need a visa, you have to book and pay for at least five courses. For the second and all consecutive courses paid together, you will get a discount.

The course fees do not include books and examination fees. The placement test and additional teaching materials are included.

As an exception you can attend a class for a shorter period than the full length of the course. Please contact the bibis student office beforehand. There they will also inform you on the current weekly rate.



An interruption of a booked class is generally not possible. As an exception, it can be arranged upon written application before the planned break. Please use the appropriate form, available at the bibis student office.

In case of (partial) non-attendance of a booked class, people are not entitled to a refund.



If the registered person cannot participate in the booked class, bibis has to be informed beforehand in writen form. The start of a booked course may then be postponed to either the next or a later commencing date, or, if preferred, eventually cancelled. The fee agreed on registration is valid for up to one year. If the start of a course is postponed to a later date, the then current price list will take effect. A potential difference has to be extra paid.

In case of postponement or cancellation expences are incurred.


Certification of Attendance

A certificate of attendance can be issued, if students took part in at least 70 p.c. of their bibis course.



We can arrange rented accomodation for students of the bibis German courses. The rent is € 240 per month, accommodation only. Please bear in mind that there is only a limited number of rooms. Therefore you should make a reservation as early as possible. bibis does not guarantee the availability of accommodation arrangements.

There are the following options:

  • Accommodation in a hall of residence
  • Sharing a private flat with other students
  • Accommodation with a family

In general, all options are accommodation only, but with cooking facilities. When staying with a family, meals may be possible, according to agreement. The costs have to be paid directly to the family.


Payments for accommodation

For the reservation of accommodation, the following costs have to be met on registration

  • A flat rate of € 220 for rent
  • A deposit of € 220, which will be fully refunded after moving out and leaving the room in its proper state in accordance with the regulations.
    If leaving your accommodation in a bad state or not on the agreed date, you may be held liable for potential damages and repair, or accommodation costs of your successor. The amount will be deducted from your deposit, the remainder of which will be paid back to you.
  • A handling charge of € 60, which will not be refunded in case of cancellation.

So the charges you have to pay for the reservation of accommodation amount to € 520 altogether.


Postponement of taking up booked accommodation

bibis must be notified in writing no later than 2 weeks prior to the agreed date of taking up your accommodation. If you do not comply, the rent for the first month has to be paid in full.


Rent Period

The rooms can be rented only for the length of your language courses at bibis. The rent period starts either with the first day of the booked course, or at another date, if so arranged with our students’ office. The rent period ends automatically when the language course is finished, you cannot claim an extension of your tenancy.
You can end your tenancy at an earlier date. Notice of termination must be given prior to the 15th of the previous month to take effect for the following. If you hand it in later than the 15th, the full rent for the following month has to be paid.


House Rules

The tenants are obliged to live in accordance with the house rules of their accommodation and to treat the room/flat and its contents with care.
Any damages caused by the tenant have to be compensated at his/her expense.



bibis also arranges insurance cover for the students of the bibis German language courses. It is a combined policy, consisting of health insurance, personal liability insurance, and accident insurance. The detailed insurance company’s terms and conditions of trade, and information on the current premium are available at the bibis office.

The insurance has to be taken out before its commencing date and is valid for a fixed period of time. The corresponding premium has to be paid on taking out the insurance.

A preliminary termination is possible. In this case bibis will pass on to the insurant any refunds from the insurer without deduction.


General Conditions

bibis cannot be held liable for the cancellation of any of its services due to superior force, or to any reason which lies outside bibis’s responsibility.

Participating in bibis courses is at the student’s own risk.

bibis does not perform any supervising duties with respect to participants of the courses, not even under-age students.

German Law applies.

Place of jurisdiction is Bielefeld.